Denise Crull Is Our Generation’s Antoine Dodson

Really, troopers? Still wondering whether or not she was drunk? How’s the wondering going on that? Probably got all your best men working to crack the case wide open. “I want you to call in Detective Luther.” “But Luther has a violent temper and a history of violence.” “He’s the only one who can win this game of cat and mouse.” Also, congratulations to the Florida’s NBC affiliate for doing the shoe-leather work on this important story and letting this woman talk forfuckingever. That is called journalism. Walter Cronkite is looking down on your whole bureau this morning and wishing he wasn’t dead so that he could shake all of your hands. “My only concern is that we did not let her talk for longer. The people have a right to know!” Oof. (Via TheHighDefiniteD, TheDailyWhat, Dlisted, BuzzFeed, and InternetToday.)