Kids Are 8-Year Old Yo-Yo Prodigies The Darndest Things

It’s probably kind of weird being a kid these days. It seems like they all have confidence and stuff? Everyone is a special snowflake and even the would-be bullies probably feel that attacking someone for the eccentricities that make them unique is beneath them. “I don’t want to be put in a box,” is what all the kids are saying these days. The other day I saw a kid dressed exactly like Justin Bieber, with the purple hoodie and the skinny black space-jacket (because what IS that material? Is it leather? Is it the symbiote that turned Spider-Man into Venom?) and also skateboarding! Do you see what I mean how as an adult who grew up in a certain time in America where there were certain RULES that governed the Child World seeing a New Child dressing like a bubble pop tween sensation AND skateboarding would be confusing? I didn’t know you were allowed to do that! Because it used to be that you weren’t! I will also tell you this, I goofed around with a yo-yo when I was 8-years-old, too, and not only was I terrible at it, but I sure as hell wasn’t decked out in streetwear with a song by The Blow playing in the background.

“I subscribe to two magazines: Yo-Yo Aficionado and Complex,” is how this kid’s Facebook page describes him. He has 140,000 friends and two different fan pages. Well? What do you say, Strasser? You old dinosaur! (Via BuzzFeed.)