Love In The Wild Is About To Be Our New Favorite Show

If you’re anything like me, then you have been beating your head against a cinder block incessantly ever since they took Temptation Island off the air (with a brief respite from the banging to watch Paradise Hotel, but then it was right back to the banging) and you long ago gave up believing that life would ever again have any joy or meaning. WELL, GIVE UP GIVING UP! Your heart is about to be full once more. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Survival shows are popular. Dating shows are popular. Now NBC and Endemol are conducting a high-concept mad-science experiment to fuse the two genres together.

Introducing Love in the Wild, a new series coming to NBC that puts singles looking for mates together in the wilderness to see if they come together.

Twenty men and women will pair up each week in the middle of the jungle. Each couple is dropped into a remote location with nothing but a map and each other to rely on. Along the way, they’re put through challenges that test them emotionally and physically. At the end of the day, some of the couples will be treated to various romantic indulgences at a romantic oasis. After, they’ll have the choice of staying with their partner or switching for the next challenge.


“We are going to combine Shipmates with Survivor with The Bachelor with Fear Factor with Temptation Island with The Amazing Race to bring an end to the war with Japan.” — Albert Einstein in a letter to President Roosevelt

Oh man. I cannot wait for this show. No joke. I love any situation in which people are forced to access their “Fight or Fuck” survival mechanism in front of television cameras. Do you think they’re going to have to eat bugs in order to get the key to the honeymoon suite? Oh my God, I hope they have to eat bugs in order to get the key to the honeymoon suite!

Honey, WARM UP THE DVR, it’s going to be a long SEASON PASS.