Bruce Willis Toasts The Troops

Today is Veterans Day. If you know someone who has served in our armed forces, give them a call, let them know that you were thinking about them today. It’s a nice thing to do. I called my grandpa. He quoted MacArthur. And so it goes. Of course, only people who have actually been in wars can understand the full extent of that horror, and only they can interpret what this “holiday” means to them. Far be it from me to suggest that perhaps after risking your VERY EXISTENCE in the defense of something as complicated and philosophically intangible as a “country,” your idea of a good time and an appropriate tribute to your fellow soldiers isn’t a glancing champagne toast made by Hudson Hawk star, Bruce Willis aboard the S.S. Intrepid. “I have definitely seen things that I will not even talk to my family about, such is the depth of my trauma and pain, but somehow this makes it all worth it,” is perhaps a thing that a veteran would say. It is not for us to decide. All we can decide is whether or not to watch a video of that toast after the jump:

Get home safe, troops. Go home, Bruce Willis.