Oh Good Grief: Rubik’s Cube: The Movie

OK, Hollywood is just fucking with us at this point. Either that, or someone has spiked the cocaine with Brawndo. From What’sPlaying:

Hearing this week that CAA has snapped up ‘Rubik’s Cube’ – yes, Rubik’s Cube – as a client. Nice pay day for the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik, who invented it. Why the interest in managing a multi-colored block of plastic? Well, it’s the next big movie star…. or so President Richard Lovett believes.

The agency packagers are talking with various studios and producers about structuring a film around the brain-teasing contraption. one suggestion is a film revolving around some sort of Rubik’s Cube competition, but personally, I’d much rather see a film where a desperate Hollywood exec is sucked inside one and has to, from the inside out, match the correct colors to one another.

In a world, indeed. Maybe we owe Entourage an apology. Maybe it’s really like that out there. It’s starting to seem like it might actually be like that. Just kidding. No apologies for Entourage. GO TO BED, ENTOURAGE! (Thanks for the tip, Stephen.)