New Kings Of Leon Video – “Sex On Fire”

When it comes to reviews of the new Kings Of Leon track, there shall be none greater than commenter orton1227’s, which read: “‘Sex On Fire’??? Sounds like they wrote a song about their struggles with STDs.” And when it comes to sounds, there shall be none sweeter than hearing Caleb scream just before the “YOUR SEX IS ON FIRE” line, all with orton1227 in mind. You should really maintain that superimposed misconstruction of the hook throughout the video. It makes the closeups of Caleb’s confessional stares and painful writhing all the more special.

Did he just belch out the smoke monster? Only By The Night is out 9/22 in the UK (where it will sell) and 9/23 in the States (where it won’t) via RCA. Please stop ruining their concerts.