The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Tanner Family Reunion

Look at these old pals! What a happy reunion. The HAPPIEST reunion? Probably. I bet when they all saw each other AND realized there were photographers there, each of them just locked in one each other’s eyes and mouthed the word “Yessssssssss.” I do wonder what it is like for Bob Saget to see the two child actresses that he knew as babies be fucking billionaires or whatever. “How are you guys these days?” “We’re billionaires.” “Right, right.” “How are you, Bob Saget.” “Eh. One foot in front of the other.” And then they all go to Starbucks and get no-fat caramel macchiatos with soy and an extra shot because the private plane for London leaves in 20 minutes haha just kidding, you can’t go with us to London, Bob Saget, but we’ll payf or your coffee our treat. (It should be pointed out that Bob Saget is doing fine. I bet his house is stupid beautiful.) Your turn to caption it now!

Winner will receive special placement everywhere you look in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Via JustJared.)