Scream 4 Trailer, You Guys

Probably won’t see this. I didn’t like any of the other entries in the Scary Movie series, and just in general am not a fan of the Wayans brothers’ work. BING BONG, GOTCHA, SCREAMS! For real, though, hasn’t the Scream franchise basically become a parody of itself? If I saw someone wearing that mask in real life I would just feel bad for the person, because I would know it was some divorced dad trying to impress his kids with the last pop cultural thing he remembered before he got married. “I hate you, dad, I’m going to live with mom.” “Sweetie, hearing you say that is like a knife in my heart. Do you get it?” All of that being said, I do hope they figure out a way to bring Matthew Lillard back. THE LILLONATOR, 2011! This is his year.