OK, Shut Up Now, Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn has FINALLY rebroken his still legendary silence in regards to the continuing non-troversy over the “gay joke” in his absolutely horrendous looking new movie, The Dilemma. As you may recall, there is a really stupid joke about electric cars being gay in Vince Vaughn’s just abysmal looking absolutely abysmal movie, The Dilemma, directed by Ron Howard, which upset some gay rights activists, forcing Universal to recut the movie’s trailer (as if there is any way to recut that trailer to make that movie look like anything other than an absolute disaster). Eventually, Vince Vaughn, realizing that he could remain silent on the issue forever and no one would care NO LONGER, spoke up about the joke, insisting that he stood behind it. Whatever. The end, right? Nope! Because now Ron Howard has announced that he is keeping the joke in the movie–fair enough, it’s not going to change the fact that no one is going to see that movie because even Americans have some self-respect when it comes to their eyes–and so once again, notorious recluse Vince Vaughn has come out of his monastic hideaway to stand up for Terrible Joke Rights. From the Hollywood Reporter:

“I’m glad to hear it’s staying the movie,” the actor said on the Q100 Bert Radio Show Wednesday, referring to a scene in the film in which he says “electric cars… are gay.” After GLAAD objected, Universal pulled the line from a trailer, but director Ron Howard later defended the scene, explaining that Vaughn’s character “has a mouth that sometimes gets him into trouble…we never expected [the joke] to represent our intentions or the point of view of the movie or those of us who made it.”

Continued Vaughn on the radio, “It wasn’t a derogatory term…We clarified within the joke [that it was] not ‘homosexual-gay’ but, you know, your parents are chaperoning a dance.”

GOOD GOD, GIVE IT A REST ALREADY, VINCE VAUGHN! The problem with that joke is less that it’s potentially offensive to the homosexual community and more that it’s a TERRIBLE JOKE. Which makes sense because of how The Dilemma looks like a particularly TERRIBLE MOVIE. But also, please, Vince Vaughn, for the love of double-cheeseburgers, shut up! The worst part is when he insists that this lazy joke about electric cars being gay “ultimately, it brings us together, it makes us more comfortable.” Haha. WHAT? Relax. Relax and shut up! Shut up shut up shut up your puffy face! (P.S. I actually like you in movies, Vince Vaughn. But seriously, you shut it!)