We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy: The New Pokemon

You know, the truth of the matter is that as a country we have been and continue to be in a very difficult spot, and very little about yesterday’s election was ever going to change much about that. I’m not suggesting that political agendas or public policy don’t have effect on the shape and direction of society. That is basically the ONLY thing they have an effect on. That is, like, their whole thing. But almost every issue that we’re facing right now is so complicated, so intractable, and so widespread, involving moving parts in every area of the whole world, that the dude who gets to bang the gavel becomes increasingly small in comparison. It’s also worth noting that it’s hard for EVERYONE out there, not just shrimps. Remember George W. Bush? He just published a memoir in which he talks about how hard things were for him. FOR HIM! FOR THAT FUCKING GUY! But you have to believe that’s true. I’m absolutely sure it was. Despite the fact that he basically drove the entire planet’s face into the dirt, that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt his feelings. The oppressive and sometimes unbearable weight of being human affects us all, no matter what. And so, the very least we can do is try to find SOME kind of happiness in this Swamp of Sadness.

For example, maybe you love the new Pokemon. Maybe you think that shit is straight gully, son. Maybe you are so pumped about the new Pokemon that you’re going to log onto the Internet to let all the haters know what’s what. Do it! There is literally no one stopping you. (Headphones UP!):

Fuck the Crips and the Bloods. BLASTOIDS VS. SOMETHINGZOIDS, NIGGA! Follow your joy. (Via TheDailyWhat.)