Amy Sedaris Talks About STDs On The Today Show

Amy Sedaris was on the ninth hour of the Today Show this morning to promote her new book, Simple Times: Arts & Crafts for Poor People. Kathie Lee Gifford, of course, was completely drunk, and Hoda Kotb had that perpetual look of confusion on her face that suggests she’s overly familiar with the many ways in which one’s life takes unexpected turns and only in brief but startling moments do you realize with cold shock that you have no idea how you even got to the very spot in which you were standing. Meanwhile, Amy goes on and on about whatever it is that she is always going on and on about. Pot holders? Drawing on shoes? White wine stretching? Who cares. I could seriously listen to Amy Sedaris go on and on about the phonebook and I would love it. She’s the best. Can we all vote Amy Sedaris in 2012? No one does it better. Whatever it is.

Marry me, Amy! Just kidding, you seem like kind of a mess in the That Stuff Department. How about we just become very good imaginary friends. Better. (Via ONTD via Rich.)