Andrew Shirvell On The Daily Show

I suppose having a professional comedian interview Andrew Shirvell is a little bit like shooting garbage fish in a closetedly homosexual barrel, but what are you going to do? NOT shoot those fish? Come on. Also, it is hilarious that Andrew Shirvell is still willing to go on television and defend himself. Rest your case and go to bed, dude, or at the very least, GO TO BED. Does he have no adults in his life to give him simple advice? “I got a phone call from another television show that may or may not be internationally known for biting satire. Should I agree to the interview and try to defend my indefensible behavior, or should I keep my head down and wait till things blow over and survive to hate crime another day? WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER ME, PET GOLDFISH?!” (Thanks for the tip, HellsBells53.)