Keyboard Cat’s World Series Broadcast Commercial For Pistachios

You guys, we should buy more pistachios! During last night’s broadcast of the World Series, whatever THAT is, the American Pistachio Council ran a 15 second ad featuring Keyboard Cat encouraging people to buy more pistachios. What a funny world we live in!

“Have you seen this commercial with the silly kitty that plays the piano? Thought you might get a kick out of it, sweetie. Lots Of Love!” – Your Mom

Honestly, I do not understand how Keyboard Cat is going to help sell pistachios. I also do not understand what Keyboard Cat has to do with pistachios. I also do not understand why pistachios need television advertising. Play me off, Keyboard Cat, because I FAIL to understand what is going on here.

Keyboard Cat isn’t a spaceship, he’s a time machine. (Via Urlesque.)

P.S. Here is a picture of Keyboard Cat with Rod Blagojevich. HUH.