Iguana Farts In A Bathtub

After the jump, there is a video of an iguana farting in a bathtub. The video is seven seconds long and only features one fart (and one iguana). I just wanted to be extra clear on what you were about to watch, because it wouldn’t be in anyone’s interest for there to be confusion after the jump with some people expecting to see something other than an iguana farting in a bathtub. Admittedly, there are lots of things happening in the world right now that one might suggest are more worthy of attention. Like, Halliburton admitting that it skipped an important safety test that may have contributed/led to the Gulf oil spill. And of course, the election is on Tuesday, so the contentious political races are reaching their frantic, malevolent apex. Meanwhile, a recent study has shown that a majority of American combat troops are OK with having gays in the military, which seems like decent news, although who even knows since this information isn’t going to have any affect on Congress’s craven anxiety over upsetting fringe bases, and also, a super-majority should be OK with that, because it’s not an actual issue, or shouldn’t be, but also this world is just garbage sometimes. But this post isn’t about any of those things. It’s Friday morning. This post is about an iguana farting in a bathtub. You’ll see.

Told you. (Via RatsOff!. Thanks for the tip, Mary.)