Epic Karate FAIL Reminds Us That There Are Different Kinds Of Days In This World

Guys, there are some days where it seems like from the moment you wake up, everything is clicking. The sun is shining. You have a good breakfast. There’s an unexpected email waiting in your inbox promising money or fun or love. You have a good lunch. Maybe you have a drink with lunch! The day flies by. In the evening, you have a good dinner with friends or loved ones, noticing your voice rise as you get excited just telling them about what a flawless day you had. It almost feels like a dream, and you think to yourself that if life was just like this all the time, you would not understand what all the stress is about. When you finally lay your head down on the pillow to sleep, there are no stray thoughts or wakeful anxiety, you just go right out, drifting off softly like your head is made of clouds and your heart has never wished a terrible thing in its long-pumping life.

And then there are days where you’re standing in front of a crowd of four people in the service entry of a busy shopping mall, promising to break cement bricks you know you can’t break with moves you don’t understand, and every three minutes feels like three years. “Why is he doing this in the service entry of a shopping mall,” you hear a child ask his father. It breaks your concentration, not only because you need absolute focus just to fail (who knows what you would need to succeed), but also because you realize with sudden clarity that you yourself don’t know the answer to that question. Why do we do anything anywhere, you think for a moment. And still the bricks refuse to break.

There’s just different kinds of days guys, that’s all. Gotta roll with it. (Via GorillaMask.)