Rand Paul Supporters Curb Stomp Protester, Officially Making This The Funnest Election Ever

Do you guys ever worry that this election season is getting TOO cool? Oh man, I KNOW! It’s like, everyone needs to settle down because we’re almost being so awesome about stuff that Brooklyn’s going to fall into the ocean. Even the Fonz is like, “you guys!” That being said, it’s definitely going to get cooler before it gets less cool. Case in point, a protester from was holding some ridiculous sign at a Rand Paul rally last night (like, she wanted to give him an “Employee of the Month” award from a fake organization, the sign and organization both being intended as sarcastic, pointed commentaries about Paul’s policies? As I mentioned: EVERYONE is being cool this year, and it’s all very cool) when she was grabbed by Rand Paul supporters, dropped to the ground, and HER HEAD WAS STEPPED ON. Now, she’s OK. In the news clip posted after the jump, the news team interviews her after this assault occurs. While the Rand Paul supporters were almost insanely inappropriate in their behavior, they didn’t actually demand that the woman bite the curb before stepping on her head, which is always the crucial factor in a curb stomp. But also, being “fine” aside, GOOD GRIEF WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN GOING ON OUT THERE ANYMORE?

Surprisingly, the worst part about this segment isn’t actually the curb stomp! It’s when the reporter adds at the end that the police want to talk to the protester. Really? I mean, fair enough. Talk to her. Throw her in jail for all I care, the world is a mess. But perhaps the police would also have some questions for the DUDE THAT GOES AROUND STEPPING ON PEOPLE’S HEADS? And/or the thick-chested guy who feels no problem grabbing a woman by the collar and throwing her to the ground and holding her down while another dude STEPS ON HER HEAD. Do you want to talk to them at all, police? Hey, here’s a thought: YOU SHOULD TALK TO THEM. Ugh. (Via GotchaMedia.)