Kitten Bomb!

A Florida bomb squad was called in to investigate a suspicious package, only to discover that it was filled with kittens. KABOOM! Can you imagine how great that would be? You’re wearing your Hurt Locker hat and the adrenaline is just pumping because you’ve gotten addicted to the rush (your wife back home doesn’t understand, no one does) and all you can hear is the thudding of your heart in your chest and the tactile hiss of blood coursing through your veins. You approach the box and you just know that you’ve already soaked through the tank top you’re wearing beneath the heavy ceramic chest plates. It’s getting in your eyes. It’s running down your legs. Somehow, when you reach towards the box, though, your hands are almost impossibly steady. It’s like the world just switches off in that moment. Everything goes quiet and bright. You can see it all. And then: KITTENNNNNNSSSS!!!!!!!

Relive the excitement after the jump:

If you see something aww something. (Via BuzzFeed.)