The Sixth Autumn Jam Of 2010: “Lemme Smang It”

It’s weird when you didn’t know what a word meant, and then you learn what it means TOO well. Like, I’m way more familiar with the definition of the verb “to smang”* than I really need to be. (Also, not actually entirely clear on what the difference is between the verb “to smang” and the verb “to smurf.”) It’s one thing to use a word in a sentence to provide contextual meaning, it’s another to put that word in a leather armband and make it grind the palms of its own hands.

Oh, and are you worried that this song isn’t available for download on iTunes? Because lemme smang that concern! Download it here. (Thanks for the tip, Jed.)

*Also this?:!/Mike_Doughty_/statuses/28718886007