Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Well would you look at that, The Office wins the night! In your face, other highly enjoyable and definitively successful big-budget major network comedy shows!!! The only loser of the night was Community. That’s OK. Community is great. One of the best. And hats off, I’m sure, to them for being very ambitious in a Thursday night sitcom. But last night’s episode just didn’t work, at least for me. It felt bloated and unfunny and super unrealistic in a way that goes well beyond the obvious unrealism of a big-budget major network comedy show that is itself a weekly meta-commentary on big-budget major network comedy shows. 30 Rock was great last night in a lot of ways, and I think that Jack’s line about how he experienced erectile dysfunction when he was sleeping with Greta Van Sustern “before her head transplant surgery” is probably the funniest thing I have heard on television so far this season. Maybe because I feel like I have made jokes about head transplant surgery? 30 Rock is not a witch. 30 Rock is me. And we all know how much we all love to the same degree a good joke about a short-con. And if the joke evolves into a joke about a long-con, even better. And if that joke about a long-con involves Kelsey Grammer, EVEN MORE EVEN BETTER. But it’s a classic rule of entertainment that in the rock, paper, scissors of TV, Timothy Olyphant crushes EVERYTHING. “No, that’s a male model.” Perfect. Do you guys ever sit around for hours thinking how unfair it is that the second season of Justified doesn’t start until February? “But that’s one of the best shows on TV, so I want to watch it now, not later. Are you there, God, it’s me, GRUMPY!” Agreed.

As a sidenote, I haven’t watched Outsourced since the premiere. Is it still horrifyingly racist trash? Cool. CHIT CHAT TIME!