The Fourth And Fifth Autumn Jams Of 2010: “Jumping Day” & “Doing Something”

Pumpkin time. Mulled wine season is right around the corner. If you look at the calendar, it’s kind of ridiculous. I know the year isn’t over yet, but the year is kind of already over! Last night I had to wear a light sweater AND a light coat. Can you believe it? What I’m trying to say is we are NECK DEEP IN AUTUMN NOW. Scarf it up, scarfies. Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? What is it? Is it stupid? (Correct Answer: yes. That’s OK! Let’s just all be adults and recognize there is no such thing as a Halloween costume that is NOT stupid.) I’m probably going to go as Steve Zisou. “Cool Steve Zisou costume, dude,” is a thing you’ll definitely overhear a lot at any Halloween party I go to, don’t doubt it. And when I do go to the Halloween party, I’m going to walk right over to the stereo and unplug the Zune from the Zune Dock and throw that Zune in the toilet, because it’s time to scratch the record and put on some REAL autumn james, namely Daniel Collings’s back-to-back hits, “Jumping Day” and “Doing Something.”

I recommend that you do the same thing at your Halloween party, Borat.

Freshhhhhhhh. Falllllllllll. (Via EpicPonyz.)