Best New Party Game 35: #BoozeMovies

This one was all over Twitter yesterday (via @maxsilvestri, via @joemande), but you know how Twitter is. So fickle! So impatient! With a good party game like this, you need to make sure everything is right. (No you don’t. Also, what am I talking about?) You need to plan your guest list, and organize your seating chart, and make thematic snacks. You need to put together an iTunes playlist, and you need to wear movement clothes. You need to rearrange your furniture and you need to bury things in the backyard and you need to do 10 minutes of visualization meditation and you need to read a book by Jumpa Lahiri. YOU KNOW, GAME STUFF. Anyway, here’s how it goes: #BoozeMovies. If you do not get how to play, I highly recommend that you don’t play these games anymore. It’s OK! We can’t all be good at everything, and some of us, you apparently, can’t even be good at this! (Or can you? Let’s go, Thomas The Tank.) So:

Bailey’s Irish Cremaster Cycle 4
Dubonnet The Right Thing
Some Like It Hot Damn 100
Tequiza’s Gotta Have It
Sliding Dewar’s
The Island of Dr. Cointreau