The Rent Is Too Damn High For Governor Of New York

Last night, New York’s candidates in the 2010 gubernatorial election participated in a televised debate. On the one hand, you had attorney general and democratic party machine candidate Andrew Cuomo. On the other hand, you had Crypt Keeper and guardian of the anti-homo flame, Carl Paladino. And on the THIRD hand, you had candidate Jimmy McMillan. Whoa. Hello, Jimmy McMillan. As he will tell you himself in the clip (after the jump), he represents the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, whose primary political platform is that the rent is too damn high. AGREED! The rent IS too damn high! At some point, Andrew Cuomo says, “I agree with Jimmy, the rent is too damn high.” Uh, yeah, it is. We all agree, dude. While the Rent Is Too Damn High Party is mostly focused on the issue of rent being too damn high, they do have a couple of other political positions outlined to deal with today’s complicated world. Those political positions are: have fancy moustaches, be karate experts, wear gloves inside, allow people to marry shoes, and finally, that doesn’t mean you can forget that the rent is too damn high.

The party’s official netsite is pretty great and Jimmy McMillan’s “personal” netsite is also pretty great.

Seriously, though, you guys VOTE OR DIE OR WHATEVER on Tuesday, November 2nd. (Thanks for the tip, Matt, Daniel, and Baby Friday.)