Your Boyfriend Gets Revenge On Your Girlfriend On C-Span (Awkwaaarrrrd!)

On a recent episode of C-SPAN 2, a discussion by a group of conservatives of a new book to which they had all contributed shot WAY off the rails when your boyfriend, Todd Seavey, started going off on a fellow panelist and ex-girlfriend (your current girlfriend), Helen Rittelmeyer. (“It’s complicated” — The Facebook.) The results are incredible. Watch the results!

Haha. Wow! WOWOWOW! Look, normally I would be against your boyfriend, Todd Seavey’s behavior. It is inappropriate to ambush someone in public with personal issues, even if “public” just means BOOK-SPAN. But I’m pretty sure a woman who would like to repeal the law against assault so that “men” feel constantly under the threat of “more fist fights” GETS WHAT IS COMING TO HER. Which in this case is a punch in the face. BOOM! Incredible! Don’t get me wrong on this: Todd Seavey is definitely your boyfriend. For plenty of faces reasons, and not just his willingness to blow up his ex-girlfriend’s spot on national television (haha, “television”). But it is also possible to sit back and appreciate in the limited circumstances of this instance what your boyfriend did to your girlfriend. I can see why you love BOTH of them so much that sometimes it feels like someone is sitting on your chest. (Thanks for the tip, Howard Beale and Peter.)