Oh Good, Another Sitcom Based On A Stupid Twitter Feed

AWESOME NEWS GUYS! Over the weekend, it was reported that CBS has bought another sitcom pitch based on a Twitter feed. YAY! The coolest part is that not only is there going to be another TV show based on a Twitter feed, which is already a pretty awesome part, as we all agree I’m sure, but the even better part is that Ashton Kutcher brokered the deal. Cool! He gets money and also has a powerful hand in shaping American Entertainment. DOUBLE COOL. From the Hollywood Reporter:

CBS continues to find new comedy ideas on the Internet.

The network has just bought a series concept from Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Productions and the Schiff Co. based on the blog and Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me.

Dear Girls Above Me is written by a guy who’s driven to distraction by the ditzy roommates living in the condo above him. Unlike “$#*! My Dad Says,” or the recently sold “Shh … Don’t Tell Steve,” however, the entries often dervive humor from our unnamed protagonist’s reactions and not just the quotes.

To be completely honest, that seems like a perfectly reasonable idea for a bullshit CBS sitcom, and it seems hard to complain about this weird democratization of creative resourcing (although one could argue that much like the Whole American Dream, it is false and illusory, but still, CBS could have just taken that idea). But who wants complete honesty? BOO! TWITTER IS SOOOO DUMB! BURN YOUR TV! CBS IS A JERK! ASHTON KUTCHER’S FACE!