Being White Is Hard: Blue Valentine/Being White Is Hard: Restless

Whoa! I knew being white was hard, but it is about to get so much harder!!!! There are two new trailers out this week for two new movies that are about to show us what it’s like when people stop being polite and start getting IN/OUT OF LOVE. The first is Blue Valentine, which features Ryan Gosling (relax, ladies) and Michelle Williams (relax, fellas) as a couple that is in and then out of love. At one point, they are so out of love that the MPAA has given the film an NC-17 rating (which Harvey Weinstein is being mad about as we speak). The other film is called Restless, starring a couple of nobodies (relax, nobodies), directed by Gus Van Sant. Here, too, it looks like people are going to fall in love and then also fall in disease. There is also a lot of hanging out at funerals because when you are white you don’t have to work. It’s awesome. Anyway, dry your constantly tear-filled eyes because of the beauty AND ugliness of the world and enjoy these trailers, you guys:

Restless trailer, you guys:

Blue Valentine trailer, you guys:

Yikes. Right? So hard!