Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Live 30 Rock Edition

Huh! So, the live episode of 30 Rock was interesting. If nothing else, it had lots of celebrity guest stars? Hi, Jon Hamm! Hi, Matt Damon! Hi, Julia Louis-Dreyfus! (Needed more Beeper King, though.) It’s hard to say whether it was “good” or not because it was just so weird. A lot of the jokes hit weirdly. A lot of the timing was off. The sets were like whaaa?! There’s also something sort of unspokenly confusing about how one is supposed to react to live television, because on the one hand it’s certainly a different thing than pre-taped television, and has less of the glossy shine, and everyone’s eyes sparkle with mild panic that the train is going to fly off the rails at any second, but for the viewer at home, you’re still just watching TV, you know? And the pro-grade glossy shine of pre-taped television is appealing for a lot of really specific reasons. (Also, if you watched the LIVE show on DVR then the emotions are just all over the place. [Hahha. Emotions.]) But it’s always neat when people try and actually DO something in this life, you know? There’s very little effort made ever by anyone. And so while I’m not entirely clear on WHY there was a live 30 Rock episode, I appreciate it all the same. I wish every month was October Sweeps!

And also other shows. It’s Always Sunny has really been killing it this season. Best season in years, maybe? Discuss now.