Sarah Palin’s Alaska Is Your TV Show

Really, TLC? I mean, I understand why someone would make a show about Sarah Palin. She’s very popular! And I especially understand why TLC would make a show about Sarah Palin. It is not as if you have any kind of broadcasting standards to uphold. You created Kate Gosselin. And you also created Jon Gosselin. I’m not even sure what TLC stands for at this point. It’s certainly not The Learning Channel anymore. Unless we are learning how much of a human nightmare some human nightmares can become. But if you are going to make a show about Sarah Palin, is it really going to be Sarah Palin WALKING UP A MOUNTAIN? This looks like Karl Pilkington’s An Idiot Abroad, except instead of being really charming and funny, it’s really awful and terrible.

It’s cool that there are NO LOBBYISTS, though. For a second I was like “WHAT? LOBBYISTS ON A FISHING BOAT?!” But there aren’t any lobbyists. We’ll see about the NO AGENDA part, though. Pretty sure Sarah Palin’s NO AGENDA is another person’s STRINGENT AGENDA. (Via TheDailyWhat.)