Joy Behar And Whoopi Goldberg Walk Off The View When Bill O’Reilly Gets Too Bill O’Reilly

Whoa. Bill O’Reilly was a guest on The View this morning, and he got REAL Bill O’Reilly up in there. Naturally, because it’s October, 2010, conversation turned to the Ground Zero Mosque. WAIT, WHAT? Is that really still a thing? Anyway, Bill O’Reilly does some classic Mr. Cool Moves, like, sticking his fingers in people’s faces and telling them to shut up and learn. Nice. What’s the deal with this guy? Does he know that he looks like a cigar? You know when you stay up way too late drinking too much and then get up way too early and you’re still kind of drunk and you have that taste in your mouth that’s like a little sweet in a gross way and very puckered and no matter how much water you drink or even brushing your tongue with toothpaste the sickly death taste won’t go away? You know that feeling. Does Bill O’Reilly know that he looks like that mouth taste? Also: let’s be real: the women of The View are retarded, and it’s mind-boggling that anyone, much less millions of anyones, give a shit about their opinions about anything ever, AND YET, it’s still THEIR TV SHOW, you condescending misogynist FUCK. You don’t point your fat beef finger in their face and tell them to shut up and learn. WHAT KIND OF GENTLEMAN ARE YOU?!

And then, eventually, in the great part, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg get so fed up with this bag of ashes that they straight get up off the couch and walk off the show. Watch it, it’s great:

You know, it’s kind of belaboring the obvious, but I find it really gross how an ostensibly intelligent human being (even if he uses that intelligence for money-hungry evil) could make, with a straight-face, the argument that because a majority of Americans want a thing, that means the thing is morally correct. Like, it just doesn’t matter that 70% of Americans don’t want a mosque to be built in a FUCKING BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY, three blocks from the site of THE TRAGIC EVENTS. It doesn’t matter! It’s still morally correct for them to build it there. The end. There’s not even any gray area here. Man. Fuck. I just hate liars so much, you guys. Especially the ones who wear nice suits and put words together pretty well and then go ahead and say things (repeatedly) that you just know even THEY don’t BELIEVE. Yuck.

All of that being said, I wouldn’t mind terribly if Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar kept walking until they got to the ocean and then walked into the ocean and then The View was canceled. Bill O’Reilly being an impossible asshole and The View being total garbage are not mutually exclusive! (Via NYT.)