Best New Party Game 34: Back To The Future Edition

The reason that there have been so many Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future unveilings this week, and also this video in which Michael J. Fox re-creates the original teaser trailer, is because the movie is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary. I SAID, THE MOVIE IS CELEBRATING IT’S 25TH ANNIVERSARY. Turn your hearing aid up, grampos. Anyway, they say that crossword puzzles are a fun and easy way to help stave off Alzheimer’s, right? Well why not Best New Party Games? MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH!

Basically, just rework movie titles in classic (read: lazy) BNPG style using references to Back to the Future. So:

    The Road (Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Any The Road)
    The Thin Red Calvin Klein
    Chairman of the Hoverboard
    Aeon Flux Capacitor

After you’re done playing for awhile, treat yourself to some pudding and a very long nap.