Banksy’s Couch Gag On The Simpsons

On last night’s episode of The Simpsons, street artist Neckface Banksy animated the “couch gag” at the end of the opening credits, and, uh, it’s kind of amazing?

BOOM. Open your eyes, sheeple, etc. Seriously, though, despite the fact that the only effect of having Banksy animate an anti-capitalist couch gag on The Simpsons is to make blogs lose their blogminds while the rest of the world inevitably shrugged it off with a “that’s weird” and an “I don’t get it” and an “I’m going to go get some more cheese sauce for these chocolate covered pretzels,” it’s still pretty incredible that it happened at all. If you can’t KILL YOUR TELEVISION, this is a decent alternative. (Via TheDailyWhat and just the Internet in general last night.)