Now THIS Is How You Rest A Case

Things were definitely looking a little sticky there for awhile when the 900 year old woman called in to a television show to give some kind of nightmarishly backwards assessment of modern race relations in which she explained that black people need to start being more grateful for “all the things” that white people have done for them, and they really need to let go of the whole “slavery” thing, especially considering that WASN’T EVEN THE TOPIC. Yikes. I was pretty sure the jury was going to deliver a straight-forward guilty verdict after zero hours of deliberation. But then, right at the end, like some kind of Alan Dershowitz, she explained that she was not racist. So. Obviously, if this were a REAL court of law, she would have had to amend the phrase “I rest my case, your honor,” for the case to be fully rested, but considering this was just C-SPAN, she basically rested her case like a Legal Eagle. (Via BuzzFeed.)