Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Rhubarb Rhubarb Peas And Carrots Rhubarb

Well, what is there even to say: another great Thursday night of television. It’s a toss-up between Community and The Office for episode of the evening. On the one hand, The Office has this weird underlying tension because we all know that this is the final season with Steve Carrell (on top of the long-standing underlying tension of the fact that the show exhausted its conceit years ago) and the dramatic resolution of Jim and Pam’s wedding happened a year ago, so it just feels like we don’t know where we’re heading and we’re not even sure if we feel like going there anymore, AND YET, last night’s episode was about as good as episodes of things get. Michael’s speech to Andy after the play about how awesome he was had that weird and tricky combination of genuine laffs and genuine Human Emotions that is so rare and so satisfying. (I would point out, also, that this is probably why Community is so good. They are purposefully “on the nose” about the show’s moralizing, as some kind of commentary about the ways in which shows moralize, but at the end of the day, it’s one of those situations where you make a meta-commentary enough and you actually become the thing you’re meta-commentary-ing on, you know? Which is to say: Community has made so many knowing references to shows with heart that it has somehow become a show with heart.)

Also: Patton Oswalt! Rob Reiner! Other things! Discuss, please.