Sure, A TV Show About A Blog About Photographs About Weird Poses

Well, this does not bode well. After the “success” of turning Shit My Dad Says into a terrible television show, Hollywood has now officially set its sights on the Internet as the killing fields for its next generation of hackneyed 95-percent water ideas. Today, the HollywoodReporter (via SideSplitter) is reporting that the blog AwkwardFamilyPhotos will be a show:

Contractually, ABC’s show will be based upon the “Awkward Family Photos” book, though the print version and year-old Web site were both created by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack and contain the same content — funny, embarrassing and, yes, awkward family portraits that have been submitted by readers.

How the concept will translate to series TV is still unclear.

NO KIDDING. Maybe the reason it is unclear is because it doesn’t? At least Shit My Dad Says had an actual, you know, centralized character around which one could construct one’s edifice of throwaway jokes and lazy truisms about family. This is just straight up DECONTEXTUALIZED photographs. Uncomfortable decontextualized photographs, to be sure, but decontextualized photographs nonetheless. Cool. Good show. “I liked the part where I didn’t know who the people were and they didn’t move or say anything. They looked so uncomfortable!” WE’RE GONNA NEED A SMALLER DVR.