Can You Tell Me How To Get AIDS To Sesame Street: Nigeria

Nigeria is getting its own edition of Sesame Street. You know, for the kids. And if there’s one thing that kids love it is AIDS. From CNN:

Big Bird and the Cookie Monster have some new friends, but they’re a long way from “Sesame Street.”

One of America’s best-loved children’s shows, which began life on a fictional New York street over 40 years ago, is about to land in Nigeria under the title of “Sesame Square” — bringing with it some distinctly West African twists.

The show stars Kami, a girl muppet who is HIV-positive, has golden hair and a zest for adventure; and Kobi, an energetic, furry, blue muppet whose troublesome escapades help others learn from his mistakes.

Ugh. “Distinctly West African twists.” Classic journalism. The Pulitzers were probably canceled this year because there was no point, since everyone agreed CNN should get all of them. AIDS: such a twist. The ULTIMATE twist? (Also, how do you casually go from describing the puppet with AIDS to the puppet who has troublesome escapades?)

Twists and escapades aside, the article does point out that there are currently 278,000 (278,000!) HIV-positive children in Nigeria. Eek. Kind of wish we were sending them some doctors to fix their AIDS instead of a puppet WITH AIDS. But I guess kids with AIDS need to learn how to count all the cookies on the dish, too. Woof.