James Franco In Drag, Obviously (That’s Your Ex-Boyfriend?)

Who knows anymore. WHO EVEN KNOWS? This is the cover of the second issue of Candy magazine, the self-proclaimed “First Transversal Style Magazine” featuring James Franco dressed as a lady (FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM). The photograph was taken by the professional creep, Terry Richardson. And that’s literally all of the information I have. I have no more information about this. One could wonder what it actually says (if anything) for a group that struggles with identity issues and cultural acceptance to have finally launched a magazine celebrating their interests and/or concerns only to fetishize a heterosexual actor wearing costume jewelry from Value Village and a severe pair of Dune spice-hunting gloves PRETENDING to be transgender in the most obvious, superficial, and vampy way possible (photographed by another heterosexual who should probably be in jail, although that’s a separate issue altogether). But what’s even the point of thinking about all that? Thinking is hard! Besides, the days are getting shorter. I just looked out my window and it’s already night time. Let’s just go to sleep. Goodnight!

Click through to enlarge. (Via the HuffintgonPost. Thanks for the tip, Beau.)