Oh Shut Up, Christine O’Donnell

To be fair, if Christine O’Donnell were elected to the Senate she probably WOULD do what I would do if I was elected to the Senate: walk around in perma-flop sweat, looking really confused and feeling out of one’s depth while struggling to grasp even a child’s understanding of parliamentary procedure and proving almost comically incapable of the day-to-day business of crafting legislation. PERFECT! By Christine O’Donnell’s logic, it’s actually really weird that I’m not running for Senate. I mean, even if Christine O’Donnell represented all of my political beliefs, which she DOES (Wiccan Rights, stricter prison sentences for chronic masturbators, lying about college always), I still like myself better than I like her, so if she’s me and is just going to do what I would do, why don’t I get in there?! AND THUS I ANNOUNCE MY 2012 ELECTO CAMPING FOR GOVERNMEANTS!

Seriously, though, shut up, Christine O’Donnell. (Via TheHuffingtonPost. Thanks for the tip, Andy.)