Charlyne Yi Gets PUNK’D By TMZ Because Fuck Poor People?

Uh, this is ridiculous. From Charlyne Yi:

As Urlesque points out, it’s possible that the whole thing is fake, because it is 2010, and Everything Is Fakeable. But it’s probably not fake? Because TMZ is the worst? If it was possible to hit a website in the head with a tire iron, I’m not saying I would do such a thing, but I would definitely not be upset if TMZ got hit in the head with a tire iron. And I wouldn’t be upset if the traumatic injury resulted in TMZ getting amnesia and spending a few years wandering around the Midwest, picking up odd jobs and surviving off the kindness of strangers. Eventually in their middle-age, TMZ would succumb to a brain aneurysm caused by the untreated effects of that long ago attack by tire iron, and some local municipality would have to pay for their cremation, because no one would come to collect the body. Not body, website. You get my point. Which is FUCK TMZ.

UPDATE: from an “anonymous” tip: As a close friend of Charlyne’s, I would like to confirm that the TMZ incident was real. Not only does Charlyne not smoke (cigarettes or marijuana,) but the whole screaming incident was intended to be a humorous and was taken out of context. I would also like to say that the Oxfam event that day was professional and raised thousands of dollars in donations, which was completely overlooked in the TMZ report.