Donald Duck And Glenn Beck For Some Reason

This mash-up of Donald Duck and Glenn Beck was e-verywhere this weekend. Fair enough. It’s always nice to see a mash-up that doesn’t involve fucking Star Wars. Although I’m not sure how many people actually watched the whole eight minutes. That’s too many minutes. This is the Internet, not the ACTUAL 1930s. Anyway:

Did you guys read the New York Times profile of Glenn Beck this weekend? This was my favorite part:

“We hate Woodrow Wilson,” another woman called out. This is like a secret handshake among Beck followers, who have heard his diatribes about the evils of our 28th president, a father of the Progressive Era. “I hate him,” Beck affirmed for the Woodrow Wilson-hating women at the Kennedy Center. “I hate that guy.”

I mean, it definitely ties into this part, which is less hilarious:

In his quest to root out progressives, Beck compared himself to Israeli Nazi-hunters. “To the day I die I am going to be a progressive-hunter,” he vowed on his radio show earlier this year. “I’m going to find these people that have done this to our country and expose them. I don’t care if they’re in nursing homes.”

The idea of vilifying progressives and also a man feeling so flush with confidence as to make unapologetic comparisons between people whose purported claim (whether you agree with it or not) to make the country a better place through the more equitable distribution of wealth to FUCKING NAZIS is really gross! But the idea of a bunch of Glenn Beck fans wandering around the country just being so mad at Woodrow Wilson, who died in 1924, and who won the Nobel Peace Prize for, you know, the whole bringing an end to WORLD WAR I thing, is hilarious to me. YEAH, MAN, FUCK THAT GUY! THERE ARE A BUNCH OF PEOPLE FROM 300 YEARS AGO THAT JUST GET MY BLOOD SO BOILING. (Via BoingBoing, TheHighDefinite, TheDailyWhat, GotchaMedia, Gawker, and BuzzFeed.)