Saturday Night Live: Bryan Cranston And Kanye West

As you can see from the above image, Kanye West performed on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. He wasn’t the host, he was the musical guest, and yet, he seems to be the only thing anyone wants to talk about. And fair enough! His performance was certainly something, wasn’t it? Kanye’s performance was one of those situations where someone does something and you’re like, wait, no fair, I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU WERE ALLOWED TO DO THAT! Up until now, we had all agreed that if you wanted your music featured on Saturday Night Live, it had to be performed on a cheesy-looking Grand Central Station soundstage. That was the rule! And everyone was fine with it! Now what? We are in a new world now. Who knows what is going to happen?! I need an adult. Of course, the show’s host was Bryan Cranston. I think? It was hard to tell. I’m pretty sure he was on the show, though. Yeah. He was definitely probably on the show. (You would think that Saturday Night Live, when faced with the available talents of a sharply comic actor who has been working professionally for 30 years, that they would use all those talents, and not just slap a fake moustache on those talents and shove them into the background. You would think.)

Anyway, some highlights:

There was, of course, the return of What Up With That:

That recurring sketch is obviously one-note (that is the whole point) but it always gets me. Even this one, which was a little sluggish, and featured Ernest Borgnine’s 1000-year-old “Hi Mom, I’m On TV” face, still got me with MARY KAY LETOURNEAU. Haaaaa. Back to school!

This week’s Digital Short was a far cry from some of the great Digital Shorts we as AMERICANS have come to expect, but it was certainly a step up from Booger Man last week. Remember Booger Man?


The highlight of the evening, sketch-wise, was Kid Smartz.

Much like last season’s inspired parody of the Gathering of the Juggalos infomercial, this was one of those special Saturday Night Live easter eggs for the superfans. Because one imagines that very few viewers this weekend drew the comparison between SNL’s Kid Smartz and the long-defunct Canadian children’s game show Just Like Mom, but SOME OF US DID! (Just Like Mom clip here. Wait, no, here.)

And I’m not sure how “funny” Nasim Pedrad’s nerd kid sketch at the end of the night was, but it was a good character sketch, and she’s very talented at playing little boys. No pedo.

But, of course, the highlight of the evening was the two epic Kanye West performances, which you can watch here. It is true that Kanye West is grandiose and self-absorbed (hahaha, what a weird trait for a celebrity to have!), but you have to admit that when it comes to creating pop cultural artifacts, he is really TRYING. Whether you like it or not, he is trying VERY HARD.

Next week: Jane Lynch and Bruno Mars.