Myst: The Movie Gives Me Memory Hives

They are adapting Myst, a highly popular computer game from the 1840s, into a feature film. Sure. It’s called knowing what people are still interested in and definitely want, and giving it to them. From IWatchStuff:

Once the best-selling PC game of all time (until The Sims took care of that), Myst spawned several less-popular sequels and even a few novels to aid the really hardcore Myst fans in establishing a rich canon to discuss at MystCon. Apparently, that book trilogy is the basis for their current script, and it’s said to explore “the backstory of the civilization known as The D’ni, the infinite number of worlds they could create and control and a young woman from Earth and her accidental intrusion into the D’ni society,” so that should give you some vague, apostrophe-filled idea of what the final product might resemble.

Personally, this whole thing gives me memory hives. Just seeing the name Myst makes my head fall off and roll down the hill into the creek. I hated that game so much! What a horrible impossible game that I wanted so bad to be good at and enjoy but was so bad at and did not enjoy even a little bit. Here’s an IMDB Memorable Quote of me playing that game: “I’ve been doing this for three hours and I’m right back at the Rune Sun Dial! My Life Is Bunicula!” Ugh. And how is it that hologram books are even more boring than regular books? Not that I didn’t go through the entire library of 450 hologram books trying to discover the secret of the abandoned planetarium OR WHATEVER THE FUCK. Myst. UGH! “Guy, where’s my copy of Myst?” “Oh, I, uh, I threw it in the garbage.”