Law & Order: SVU Captures Videogame Players Perfectly

It’s crazy how accurate this is. Who wrote this scene, GEORGE WASHINGTON’S CHERRY TREE? (Huh?) I wonder what headline this was ripped from. Probably:

“Hilarious Caricature Of A Slob Is Addicted To Videogame That Does Not Exist But Looks Like It Was Coded By Fred Savage In A Wizard Sequel From 2001, Uses Nonsense “Gamer Slang” He Makes Up On The Spot, And Locks Non-Daughter In Comical Saw III Room Under The Stairs Of His Disgusting New York Apartment That Is Disgusting But Has Stairs? A New York Apartment With Stairs? But It’s A Shithole? His Girlfriend/Wife Is Also Hilarious.”

You know, a headline. Like, a news headline. (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)