Heaven Just Got A Little More Tony Curtis And Also Greg Giraldo

Late yesterday, it was confirmed that comedian Greg Giraldo died at age 44 of an “accidental overdose.” And this morning it is being reported that Tony Curtis has also died (at age 85 of being age 85). Part of me feels like there’s something vaguely unpleasant and dishonorable about lumping two obituaries in together on one pop culture blog post, as if that doesn’t do justice to the life that has been lost, and part of me feels like it’s unpleasant and dishonorable for blogs to report on death in the first place* because of how they are FUCKING BLOGS, so maybe we were lost from the start, and that part of me just doesn’t want to spend all morning writing about people who died because eek, and that part of me wins. From the New York Times:

Greg Giraldo, a comedian famous for his stinging insult humor, disgruntled rants and frequent appearances on Comedy Central’s highly watched roast series, died on Wednesday at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J. He was 44.

From the New York Times:

Tony Curtis, a classically handsome movie star who earned an Oscar nomination as an escaped convict in Stanley Kramer’s 1958 movie “The Defiant Ones,” but whose public preferred him in comic roles in films like “Some Like It Hot” (1959) and “The Great Race” (1965), died Wednesday of a cardiac arrest in his Las Vegas area home. He was 85.

R.I.P. Greg Giraldo. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, roasting the angels. And R.I.P. Tony Curtis. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, dressing like an angel to fool them.

*Not to mention the slight unease that celebrity obituaries create in general, because however much “comfort” one might take in one’s ruminations on the meaning of life and the fact that no matter how yours plays out on this Earth, we are all heading towards the same inevitable conclusion, and feeling hopeful that our shared experience somehow makes us all human, celebrity obituaries stand as a powerful reminder that even though more than 140,000 people (140,000 PEOPLE!) die every single day on this planet, only a handful of them are “important” enough to get a blurb on, so go fuck yourself you nobody. Basically. Now if you’lll excuse me, I have to go tag this post with the “Top Stories” tag.