Best New Party Game 32: Autumn Movies

Fall has fallen! Just kidding. Los Angeles experienced the hottest day in the history of days this week, and New York is a balmy 77 degrees. Also: other cities in other states with temperatures. Nevertheless, this week marks the autumnal equinox, and you know what that means! BOBBING FOR APPLES. Haha. What if we all had to bob for apples all the time? What a nightmare. Even once is a nightmare. Guess what, bin full of water and apples, I’m a fucking adult and don’t willingly submit to ritual public humiliation, so that is why you just got kicked over.

Besides: I’ve got a better game. #AutumnMovies. Let me show you how the pros play:

    Mulled Cider House Rules
    The Sweaterminator
    Daylight Savings Timecop

Have fun. Stay warm.