Don’t Forget About The Videogum Song Contest!

Guys! There are still a few days left to submit your Videogum-related songs for the Videogum Song Contest! It would be a shame for you to have a great Videogum-related song inside of you, and nowhere to share it. Your whole family would be so embarrassed. So, just don’t forget. Here is a reminder of the rules, as laid out by contest organizers werttrewShellbomber and Chris Trash:

    • Write a song about Videogum. It can be about a specific post, or a specific commenter, or Sad Keanu, or in-jokes, or anything you can relate to Videogum. It could be a theme song, an ode to Topher Grace, or a Double Rainbow tribute. It is your song, so it is up to you, as long as it is Videogum-related.
    • The song should be no longer than five minutes, please.
    • Contestants may collaborate. Contestants may have others perform the songs for them, but it’ll be counted more favorably if the contestants themselves perform.
    • Contestants may use just their voice if they choose, but instruments are welcome and encouraged.
    • Contestants may enter multiple songs.
    • Initial entries will be judged by monsters Chris Trash, werttrew, and Shellbomber. They’ll winnow it down to five final entries. These five final entries will be posted on Videogum and voted on by the monster community.
    • Contestants will have until midnight EST on October 1 to submit their songs.

Wait, that’s kind of confusing, right? Midnight EST on October 1st? I hate time math. Let’s just say you have until the end of Friday to submit your song. Better. To enter, please send an email to [email protected] including the following:

    -A link to your song or an mp3
    -The title of your song
    -Your commenter name on Videogum (real names will not be revealed). Contestants MUST be registered Videogum commenters.
    -Including lyrics is optional, but appreciated.

Prizes listed here. Good luck!