Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Welcome Home, Pals!

They’re back! All our old pals! Well, not all of our old pals. Parks and Recreation is on hiatus until January, because NBC had to make room for A RACIST PIECE OF SHIT NIGHTMARE GARBAGE SHOW THAT IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO EVEN BELIEVE EXISTS IN THE YEAR 2010. But more on that later! For now, it’s a celebration of laffs. I’ve actually only watched 30 Rock so far (and also a racist piece of shit nightmare garbage show that it is almost impossible to believe exists in the year 2010, which we will discuss later), because I am an adult, and sometimes adults have things to do that do not include carving out six hours to watch sitcoms. So, I can’t join you in the discussion of Betty White’s timely and hilarious (I’m sure) cameo on the season premiere of Community, or the first hints of Michael Scott’s final exit in the credit-roll of the season premiere of The Office. (And of course, the return of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which actually premiered last week.) But I can join in any discussion of how the season premiere of 30 Rock was the best? That discussion goes something like this: “Hey, did you see 30 Rock this week? Wasn’t it the best?” Followed by: “I did, and it was.” So good. I could watch Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon rapid-fire sass each other back and forth about the phone book and love it.

Discuss. Excuse me. Discuss, please.