Check Out Apprentice Mr. Cool Disguise!

As the Daily Mail UK reports, Matthew McConaughey hung out the other day on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, wearing this…”mask” and a bandana, supposedly to cover his celebrity mouth. Looking good, Matthew McConaughey. Cool shirt, too! Of course, Matthew McConaughey only WISHES he could be Mr. Cool Disguise. This disguise is Apprentice Mr. Cool Disguise at best. For one thing, there is literally only one person in the world who actually OWNS a J.K. Livin’ t-shirt, so right away he’s giving up the whole game. But more importantly: WHERE IS THE FAKE MOUSTACHE? You cannot be Mr. Cool Disguise without an excellent fake moustache. NO DUH. Even Charlie Sheen knows that, and Charlie Sheen is a fucking idiot!

Also, who wears a disguise to hang out on HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD? That place is a dirty nightmare! “Man, I definitely want to hang out on this tourist trap of a disaster street filled with panhandler mimes and weather-beaten fanny packs, but I want to do so with the dignity of a private citizen.” Shut up, Matthew McConaughey. All of this being said, there was one picture from this series that did suggest that even if Matthew McConaughey isn’t Mr. Cool Disguise, he’s definitely Mr. Coololololol:

JK Livin INDEED. (Thanks for the tip, Mark.)