Sad Keanu Eats A Cupcake

OK, I was wrong. Sad Keanu wasn’t just fucking with us at this point. He is just fucking with us at THIS point. And I love it! Very few things have made me happier this year than Sad Keanu. Of course, it saddens me that my pleasure has to come at the expense of someone else’s pain, but it doesn’t really sadden me THAT much. Also, let’s be honest: Sad Keanu is doing great. Dude’s got a cupcake! Yum! If I knew how to actually use the Internet (I’m currently on WebTV and I think I have three months left on my subscription) I would make a Sad Keanu Sadness Generator website where users could suggest what they think Sad Keanu should do sadly next. But since I don’t know how to make a website like that, we might as well just pretend that this website is that website. So, what should Sad Keanu do sadly next?

-Sad Keanu should go to the petting zoo
-Sad Keanu should attend a morning screening of I’m Still Here
-Sad Keanu should circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon

Click through to enlarge and/or make your suggestions for the Sad Keanu Sadness Generator. (Via Dlisted.)