A Short Film About Die Antwoord: Straight From The Horse’s Piel

Almost as soon as Die Antwoord was a thing, Die Antwoord was A THING. That’s the way the world likes it now. If anything, Die Antwoord probably should have been a thing BEFORE Die Antwoord was a thing. Like, Ninja and Yolandi should have just been at home, smoking weed and jerking each other off in the backseat of a rusted out spaceship, when one of their beepers goes off, and it turns out they’re famous for something they haven’t even done yet. Anyway, after the jump is a seven minute short film about Die Antwoord in which they address the questions that have surrounded them since the very beginning, like, “Is It Real?” and variations on “Is It Real?” As with everything that Die Antwoord has done to this point, it’s visually very beautiful, and also sometimes kind of funny, and certainly compelling. And so, let this be a bon voyage of sorts, as they leave us behind and become something else. A Die Antwoord fully formed, unencumbered by questions of authenticity or sincerity. A Die Antwoord for people who are going to really like Die Antwoord, no questions asked, who weren’t “so over” Die Antwoord “like, nine months ago.”

Goodbye, Die Antwoord! Have fun!