Guys! No! Don’t Do Drugs!

The “don’t do drugs” campaign has always been a difficult one to get kids to pay attention to because the word “don’t” is so similar to the word “do.” That’s really the only problem with it. It’s not the obvious appeal of drugs or the crushing impossibility of life. It’s just linguistic. “I thought you said DO do drugs!” is something we’ve all probably heard most tweens SEXT at some point, high out of their fucking minds. I do appreciate that this video includes both black children and white children, because NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE DRUGS. But I also appreciate that they left the “rapping” to the black child. Can you imagine one of the white children doing a terrible “rap”? STALE! Kids are smart*. They can smell a phony from a Holden Caufield away. Anyway, just a Wednesday morning friendly reminder, you guys: don’t do drugs. YOU MIGHT FLY OUT THE WINDOW.

*No they’re not.