That’s Your Newspaper: The Lake Crystal Tribune

Haha. WHAT A SCANDAL! “It’s so weird that a racist joke would be printed in a newspaper that operates out of what looks like an adult bookstore,” said no one. “I threw my iPad across the room in disgust!” no one added. Get it? Because of how people don’t read newspapers anymore? But it’s funny because you don’t really think of lower-middle-class white people in what is clearly an industrially ravaged Midwestern town using iPads? Snore. Seriously, though, this is my favorite non-issue in awhile. Some stupid piece of shit racist living in a tiny racist town publishing a racist joke in a garbage newspaper with a circulation of 400 is the reverse Ground Zero Mosque. It’s times like these that we’re all so sad that Air America died, I’m sure. (Thanks for the tip, Baby Friday.)